Easy setup

​​Import Addresses from spreadsheet, select template and click print. It's FREE unlimited, we keep our word.

Customers live address

​One click to print customers LIVE address based on City, State, Group name, subscription...etc. Supports any language address labels.


We make custom templates to print your customer addresses in your way/how ever you want. Contact us we will love to work with you.

​Auto reminder Emails/SMS/Post letters

​Customize auto reminders for Birthdays, subscription end date and Anniversaries..etc

​Communicate with customers

​Send Email, SMS and even post a letter if your customer does not have email or mobile number.

​Address accuracy level

​​We validate addresses using proprietary algorithm and multiple sources. DPSID let you know the accuracy level of each address in your Live Address Book.

​Address update in multiple ways

​​When your customer updates address, we notify your organization based on your software capabilities. It can be via API, Webservice, Email, SMS or even HTTP post. If something new contact us we will open our gates.

​We print your plain text addresses in standard label format

​You dont need to write algorithms to print labels. We have done that hard work. simply use our API to utilize our precision printing algorithm for free. Integrates easily in any program. We will assure we dont store your addresses.



Now your address is a number ®. Secure your address as a permanent number. Securely connect and update address to businesses from one place


We make custom templates to print your friends and relatives addresses in your way how you want for wedding, anniversaries, new year greeting,for any invitations..etc. Contact us we will love to work with you.

​Now your address is a number ®

​Share your complex postal address as a simple number, DPSID is truly global. Every body can understand in one attempt. No more wasting time in explaining address.


Contact Us

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  • ​India:91-9894566419